Music Theory Lessons in Vancouver

My name is David Powell. I have 17 years experience preparing students for all of the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) exams, from Basic Rudiments to Advanced Harmony and Analysis. I can also prepare students for the exams of other examining institutions such as Conservatory Canada. I teach at my home studio in Vancouver (West Side) and online using Skype.


  • $46 for a one-hour private lesson.
  • $30 per student for a one-hour semi-private lesson (two students).
  • $25 per student per hour for groups of three.

Publications and Apps

Music History Flashcards App


Music History Flashcards app will help students prepare for RCM History 1. Read more about the music history app here.

Harmony & Counterpoint Textbooks

Four Part Harmony, Volumes One and Two, prepare students for all RCM harmony exams. Read more about the textbooks here.


A Counterpoint Handbook prepares students for Counterpoint exams. Read more about the textbook here